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Bioprocessing Equipment

Bioprocessing consumables are essential components used in the field of biotechnology and cell therapy. These single-use items include carrier culture kits, SUF kits, materials for small reaction tanks, and consumables for perfusion culture and cell separation. They facilitate small and large-scale sorting, cell storage, and cryopreservation, ensuring the efficient and sterile processing of cells and biological materials. These consumables play a crucial role in maintaining the integrity of cell therapies, making them a vital part of the bioprocessing workflow.Bioprocessing equipment plays a crucial role in advancing cell therapy and regenerative medicine. It is specifically designed to support various aspects of cell production, from culturing and manipulation to scaling up. Our bioprocessing equipment is versatile, catering to therapeutic cell types like CAR-T, CAR-NK, TILs, iPSCs, and stem cells. These products are essential for gene medicine research, mRNA and siRNA delivery, and viral vector production, driving the development of cutting-edge therapies and the progress of tissue regeneration techniques. In the rapidly evolving field of cell-based therapies, bioprocessing equipment stands as a beacon of innovation.

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Bioprocessing Equipment